Menzi Muck

Greenway Sales Inc. is a Menzi Muck dealer located in southern NY. Serving Municipalities and Contractors for all your all terrain excavation needs.

Menzi Muck all terrain excavators by Green Way Sales



Whether you are looking for a crawler excavator, pneumatic excavator or harvester, Menzi Muck's mobile spider excavator is one machine that is ideal for all applications.

In everyday applications, on gradients of up to 100%, in water up to 2.5 m deep or in deep mud, on mountains or on the ocean bed: the Menzi Muck knows no limits. The flexible chassis can adapt to any type of ground. It is difficult to imagine a field where anything other than a Menzi Muck could be a more efficient or more cost-effective partner.

One of our strengths is our ability to turn customers' ideas into reality. This gives rise to individual and tailor-made solutions which can be put to profitable use in niche markets.

A high degree of motorisation and unique stability result in performance rates up to 70% higher than those of conventional machines in the same weight class.

Menzi Muck offers 3 different basic versions of its mobile spider excavator in weight classes from 7 to 10.5 tons.

temperatures to be adjusted from 0-350F."



  • Menzi Muck M3

  • Menzi Muck M5

  • Menzi Master M5

  • Menzi Muck A40

  • Menzi Muck A20

  • Menzi Dumper 45rd