Our Patch Trucks are available in 4 and 5, 6 and 7 cubic yards and features a choice of diesel or propane burners which heat a double-jacketed heat transfer oil system. This state of the art system has set the standard for over 20 years, producing even heat to the hot mix.  This assures your mix lasts all day without scorching.  Heated cross members prevent asphalt bridging. Hydraulic, double insulated top doors open a full 270 degrees, swinging out of the way to facilitate loading and preventing possible damage during loading.  The auger discharge feeds hot mix to a folding shoveling platform.  With safety in mind, the STPH features curbside operational controls, flame-out-auto-shutoff and optional arrow board.




Our Patch Trucks have become the leader for municipalities and contractors alike, Our units offer efficient heating, hauling and discharging of hot asphalt for pothole repairs. Stepp Manufacturing has developed a oil jacket body that is well appreciated during winter use, patch trucks are commonly used year round providing 4-7cy of asphalt all types of road repair. Stepp MFG offers patch trucks screw auger and shoveling platform make easy unloading. Auto temperature controls allow cold and hot mix asphalt temperatures to be adjusted from 0-350F."


SPH Sizes Available

  • STPH-4.0 (5.4Ton) Patch Truck

  • STPH-5.0 (6.75 Ton)Patch Truck

  • STPH-6.0 (8 Ton) Patch Truck

  • STPH-7.0 (9.45 Ton) Patch Truck

  • SPH-3.0 (4Ton) Hot Box


Design BenefitLowest profile on the market

  • Triple Wall Construction / Oil Jacketed heat for even heat
  • Top Loading Hydraulic Doors Controlled from rear.Doors shall fully open and rest against hopper sides.
  • Triple Wall Construction
  • Oil Jacketed Heating System
  • Top Loading Doors Controlled from rear
  • Auger Delivery
  • Beckett Diesel Burners
  • Auto Temp Controls
  • Full Opening 270 Degree Top Doors
  • Load Sencing Hyd System
  • Center Heated Baffle


  • 80 Gallon Tack Tank

  • Tack Tank with Pumping System

  • Overnight Heat

  • Spoils Bin

  • Wash Down System

  • Lighting packages

  • Saftey Lighting

  • Arrow Board

  • Tool holders

  • Hydraulic Jack Hammer

  • Hydraulic Plate Compactor Carrier

  • Shovel Cleaning Compartment

  • Wash Down System

  • Anti- Bridging Breaker

  • Trailer Mounted